Blank Box Design

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Blank Box Design

Let me tell you about Blank Box Design. I’ll explain the history and story behind the conception. I’ll explain the name and how that came about, as well as the plans for the Blank Box Design future.

Blank Box Design is a design agency based in Fife. Fife is the part of the UK map, in Scotland which looks like a Scotty dog’s head.

Why Fife?

 blank box design fife map  blank box design scottie dugWell simply that is where I am from. Me being Doogz Chalmers founder of the agency. Fife has a great history and has saw the rise of many creative pioneers, as well as historical figures. The likes of Andrew Carnegie, Adam Smith and Robert the Bruce all hailed from the region.

So yes it was a convenient location. It is my stomping ground, but it is more than that. I saw this historical greatness and wanted to reignite it. In essence put Fife back on the map for design and creativity.

I have always been creative, painting, drawing and sketching. However my career path initially started off in the finance sector as an assistant accountant. This shifted into the pub trade where I owned and ran a pub for a number of years. But that hankering to create was always there. So I formally trained as a designer and digital artist. This honed my design thinking and gave me an insight to the digital world.

As probably most graduates do I done a bit freelance work. I always saw my business as being more than me though. Even at the start I had a vision of something bigger than me. I joined a pilot scheme for a business accelerator program called the Acorn Enterprise. This is when I developed the idea of a creative agency and the name.

Where did the name blank box design come from?

Well I am a great believer in storytelling. I love a narrative. And this is exactly how Blank Box Design came about. I was thinking about the story of businesses and realised customers are key. So I focussed on them. What are they trying to achieve and how could we help them? I like to keep things simple, that’s why I draw pictures, there is no need for big pretentious words in design, or at least that is our belief at Blank Box Design. So working through this problem I simplified things like this.

You can put pretty much anything in an unlabelled blank box. If you have a load of blank boxes all together, then which would you pick up? This is how I viewed businesses. Lots of similar things all wanting to be picked. I saw it as my job to help people get their box picked. So I take your BLANK BOX, DESIGN it and you will stand out from the rest. Then you get picked.

As simple as that. Blank Box Design was born.

Where is Blank Box Design heading?

Well as I mentioned I always seen Blank Box Design as being bigger than me. It has always been about YOU the client. The arty self-indulgent stuff is what I do as Doogz Chalmers the individual. At Blank Box Design it is about YOU. The main goal at Blank Box Design is to solve your problems though creative thinking.

The services currently offered are Graphic Design, Web design and Digital Marketing with lots of offerings within. This will expand over time as your needs evolve. We plan to grow the team, really put Fife on the map and continue to solve problems creatively.

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