Business Card Design -Three things you need to know

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Business card design

If you’re in business you probably have your own business cards or have been handed someone else’s at some point on your journey. But what makes for a good business card design. Well in truth there are loads of things you can take into consideration when discussing business card design. However we are going to focus on #3things that should set you right.

One: Your contact information

It is so important that you make sure it is clear and stands out. Also make sure the way you want to be contacted is the main focus. Don’t make a big huge statement of your mobile number if you want contacted by landline. Likewise don’t highlight your email address if you only want phone calls or never check your emails. Although who doesn’t check emails these days.

Two: Make sure it is branded

Your brand identity is so important. If you do it properly people will know you by your brand identity. A good example of this is one of our friends and clients Chris Marr, he is now all about his brand and I have heard him being described as “you know Chris Marr the CMA guy?”. Your business card design therefore needs your branding as this will help people remember not only you but also your business and what you do. So make sure your card has your brand colours, logo and font style.

Three: Simple and easy to find

Make sure it is simple in design but enough to stand out. If you have been to networking events and met lots of people you probably have, like me, a pile of business cards. When you are riffling through a bunch of cards there are a couple of things that make you stop. The colouring and logo catch your eye so it stands out. Or the card feels different to the rest. So make sure it stands out and use a decent weight of card probably 350gsm or higher.  You want people to be flicking through their pile of cards going “cheap, cheap, cheap, quality”. Obviously quality is when they stop at you.
Right hopefully that has helped you a little. Now you have no excuse when it comes to designing or redesigning your next set of business cards. Implement these #3things in your design process and you should be of to a flyer.

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