Digital Design

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Digital design is a way of meeting the current needs of the market place. Let’s face it the world is advancing at a furious speed. Digital technology is in the hands of everyone and this is how business is being conducted and will continue to be for the foreseeable future. Blank Box Design cater for this growing market, and we are well positioned to do so, after all our lead designer has a first class degree in design and digital art. So it makes sense that Blank Box Design offer a digital design service.

So what do we offer in the way of a digital design service? Well we can create video title sequences, animated logos and email marketing campaigns. We can also manipulate images, edit video footage and produce interactive PDF’s all as part of our digital design service.

And there is more. All our design and communication can all be done remotely which allows us to be in a different part of the world from us but still receive our fantastic service.

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