Know your target market

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Target market!

When asked “who is your target market?” a number of businesses respond “I will sell to anybody that wants to buy my product so my target market is everyone”. This may be true to an extent, you probably will sell to anyone. However by setting a specific target market, you can directly target and appeal to that group of potential customers. If you then pay attention to the details and nurture this target market this will make them feel important. When people feel you are paying them extra attention then they trust you and are more likely to buy from you.

What you need to know!!

Knowing this target market doesn’t just mean realising you are selling to boys, or girls or men or women. It does mean understand them and understand them fully. You really need to dig deep and think from their point of view. Put yourself in their shoes and think like a customer and not a seller. Below are five questions you can ask yourself about your target market which will set you of to a good start:

1: What age group are they? (kids, teens, young adults, adults, middle aged, pensioners)

2: What gender are they? (male, or female)

3: What is their financial situation? (are they working, do they have disposable income, are they price conscious)

4: What other products and services do they buy? (do they shop at Aldi or M&S, Primark or Harvey Nicols, Acer or Apple)

5: Where do they socialise? (golf clubs, parent and toddler groups, fitness centres, bingo halls, garden centres)

Just asking these five simple questions can get you off to a great start. As I already mentioned you may sell to others out with this sector. However having an answer to these five questions will allow you to create the beginning of a direct marketing campaign. This little exercise should also help give you clarity on the kind of customers you want to trade with.

What Next?

Well now you know you are targeting adult males who have disposable income, they have Apple products and shop at M&S, as well as playing golf and being members of the most prestigious fitness club in their area.

This information should have painted a clear picture in your head of the kind of things that will catch this target markets eye. Use this information as the building block for any design work that you conduct from here on in. Just because your mum likes pink doesn’t mean your audience will. Make sure your marketing material is all designed with your target market in mind.


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