Pop Up Banners – Three things you need to know

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Pop up banners

Pop up banners are these tall banners that you see at events. They are called pop up banners because, yeah you guessed it they pop up. Now these are a brilliant piece of marketing material. They can have so many uses and create great brand impact. However they need to be designed properly. As with anything in design you can consider a million and one things. We like to keep it simple here though, so we are focussing on #3things.

One: Make them ever green

These pop up banners cost money so if you are business savvy you want to get the most out of them. So make the design generic that doesn’t mean the same as everyone else’s. But make them as non specific as possible, don’t put dates on them as once that date is past your marketing material is also out dated. By making your pop up banners generic in design you can use them multiple times. Obviously there will be occasion where they need to be dated to advertise a one off event but where possible get your monies worth.

Two: Make sure it is branded

Make sure your pop up banners are branded. They should feature your logo and your brand colours should be prominent. People should see it from a distance (the other side of the room) and know straight away it’s you. Your brand identity is so important. If you do it properly people will know you by your brand identity.

Three: Placement and layout

Think about where you place your info on your pop up banner. Don’t stick key info in the bottom corner as people will have to look at the floor to read it. This happens way more than you would believe. Think where your eyes look when you read. Top left to right bottom. So Logo at the top key info below this, reading from left to right. Less important info towards the bottom.

Now you are armed with #3things to implement in your design process when you are having pop up banners produced. Go on then get on with it and let us see what you come up with.

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