Aerial Media Scotland

Branding & Logo Design

Who are Aerial Media Scotland?

Aerial Media Scotland  are a an aerial photography company based in Fife but serving the whole of the country. Aerial Media Scotland do exactly as it says in the name. They create media from an aerial view. This is done by the owner Derek Fett also of Fett Images having a piloting a quadrocopter aptly named “Droid the Drone” .  Derek remotely pilots the drone and records both video and still images from the air.

What was requested?

The requirement was to produce a logo that was simply but still conveys what the business does. It was also requested that, even though this is a separate business, there was still a hint of a connection to Fett Images. The logo also had to look professional, as the main target market are professional businesses such as estate agents, architects and golf courses.

How it was achieved.

The client brief was achieved by making the “A” the “M” and “Scotland” in Aerial Media Scotland blue, which ties in with the colours from Fett Images. The rest of the type set was coloured grey which is considered a trusted and professional colour. An icon was create to give a visual representation of the business as well as give balance to the type set of Aerial Media Scotland. This was designed to reflect a rotary blade one of four on the quadrocopter. This icon was also given a hint of the blue from Fett Images.

All in this was a great project for Blank Box Design to work on. Not only was the client very happy with the end result but it also created another connection. One which may result in some collaborative work in the future.


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