Atha Yoga Therapy

Branding & Logo Design

Atha Yoga Therapy was a new business venture which required a full design and branding package. The client who is based in Fife had a chance meeting with Doogz at a local event. She was obviously impressed as a few months later she was in-touch looking to see how Blank Box Design could help her get her business noticed.

All Atha Yoga Therapy knew was they wanted a web presence. Before this could happen though it was important to establish a brand with a logo and colour scheme tailored to the audience.

The first stage for Atha Yoga therapy, was to design a logo something fitting to the nature of the business. We achieved this by using fonts stacked on each other which give a suggestion of poise and stretching. The logo design process helped develop the colour scheme for the brand. Soft natural, trusted tones were used which works well with the businesses target audience.

The client was more than happy with the results and we swiftly moved on to design and build their website which you can see here.

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