Derek Fett Photography

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Derek Fett Photography

Derek Fett Photography are a branch of Fett Images, a Fife based photography business headed up by Derek Fett. Derek Fett is now a repeat customer of Blank Box Design. As we also designed the logo for another of his businesses, Aerial Media Scotland. Derek Fett Photography aims to cater for the corporate sector providing commercial and product shoots.

The brief

It was important that Derek Fett Photography had some link to the other two strands of the business. It was a requirement that the logo instantly indicated what kind of service was provided. It was also required to have a crisp and fresh look. On final requirement for the logo, which is the case with all logos, was the need to be easily replicated on various media.

The outcome

The final logo features an icon in the form of a camera. This served a few purposes:

  • Firstly it instantly says what kind of business Derek Fett Photography is.
  • It also has a reference to Fett Images. The camera has an aperture in the centre which is the logo for Fett Images.
  • The last thing this icon does is provide an icon which can be used on social media platforms.

The rest of the logo was made using a crisp type set. It also featured the same colour of blue used in Fett Images and Aerial Media Scotland. This continues to provide continuity across the business.

All in the client was very pleased with the final design.  At present the client is in the process of integrating it into all his new marketing materials.

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