Leaving Planet Earth

Marketing Material

Leaving Planet Earth was a production by The Grid  Iron Theatre Company. Grid Iron are specialists in site specific theatre and the production Leaving Planet Earth was no different. The production was based on the migration from earth to another planet, New Earth. The audience were transported to Edinburgh International Climbing Arena on the outskirts of the city which set the stage as New Earth and the audience became part of the production.

Grid Iron were looking for iconic imagery which they wanted to use in their marketing campaign for the production. In order to obtain said iconic imagery they hosted a competition which was won by Dougie Chalmers one of the key players here at Blank Box Design.

The image was created using a combination photography, illustration and image manipulation. Not only was the image successful in winning the Grid Iron competition, but it also won Grid Iron a double page spread in the well acclaimed Edinburgh International Festival Brochure. The image was also used for all press coverage and was published around the globe. So successful was the production that the script was published in a book which used the image for the front cover. This truly was one of the most successful projects to date produced by the Blank Box Team.

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