Talented branding

Branding & Logo Design

Talented are a recruitment consultancy for start up businesses and SME’s based in Edinburgh. They are part of the larger Edgar Stewart Recruitment agency. They started talented as they felt there was gap in the market for this niche type of recruitment.


Initially they required a logo for the branding of the business. This project was client lead, they had a strong vision of what they wanted. One thing was keeping the type set similar to the parent company so that there was a link in the branding between the two. It also had to be bold and inspiring as that is how they viewed the start up market and the talent that works within it.

We achieved this by using the same font type as the parent company but we went super bold with the colouring. Using natures very own bold colour scheme we went black and yellow and boxed it all up so it has a huge impact, but still looks slick and professional. Due to the colours being so bold we done two version revering the colours around. This just allows the client to keep that bold brand identity across all media with out fading into backgrounds.

The final piece of this branding exercise was creating something usable on social media. most social media have square boxes and this logo is rectangular. So we reduced it down to just the first letter.

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