"The best marketing strategy ever:CARE" - Gary Vaynerchuk

So what is Marketing?

Marketing is a widely used term to describe the communication between a company and the consumer audience that aims to increase the value of the company or its merchandise. Or so it says on wikipedia.

So talking to your audience, but what does that mean for you?

Well marketing has been around for ever. There are many types content, email or inbound marketing the list really is endless.

It seems there is always a different name being branded about. Ultimately though it all comes back to the same thing trying to tell your audience about your product or service so you can make more sales. There are loads of different options out there for you whether you want to take a traditional approach or go for something more out there.

What can you do to market your business?

Well as we’ve already said there are lots of things. You can do a traditional mail drop to your audience in your target area. Or maybe you can run some campaigns on social media to get in front of more of your ideal customers. These are smaller items and relatively low cost.

But maybe big and bold is more appropriate for your business. You can brand and wrap your vehicles. Or you can projection map onto the side of a building. Both of which create massive impact.

Whatever you are thinking we can discuss and help you come up with the best solution to help you better communicate with your audience. We can then help implement it through design and campaign management, taking the stress away from you and getting the message across to your audience.

Hopefully this gives an insight into what marketing is and how Blank Box Design can assist you with your develop and implement a strategy.


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